Saturday, July 16, 2016

Romance Reveal box - July 2016

While I was on vacation this week, my first ever Romance Reveal Book Box came! I found this one shortly after I subscribed to The Bookworm Box and I was surprised to find that both boxes offer the same things, but Romance Reveal is nearly $20 less (counting shipping). My total came out to be $31.90 for the box. For something you're going to subscribe to every month, that is a huge difference in price. Romance Reveal also offers two different choices for your monthly subscription - an individual signed book for $12.95 plus shipping or the box for $24.95 plus shipping. In the box are two signed books, book related swag, and a product sample. What's in the boxes varies for each person, which is a concept I for the most part enjoy but also dread, since there's always that one book you're going to want and there's a chance you won't be one of the ones to receive it.

July's Romance Reveal Book Box
The other side of the doorknob hanger
Here's a list of what's in July's box:

  • Signed copy of So Much More by Kim Holden
  • Signed copy of Slow & Steady by Kendall Ryan
  • Doorknob hanger
  • "Reading Is Sexy" pen
  • Love Like We Do by Lori L. Otto pin
  • Tiny Post-it notes to use as bookmarks thanks to Skye Warren
  • J. Sterling, Kendall Ryan, and Romance Reveal bookmarks
  • Promotion for The Cranberry Inn Series signed by Beth Ehemann on the back
  • Sample of Matrix's Rock It Texture shampoo and conditioner
Kim Holden's signature
Kendall Ryan's signature
I love this box. I really wanted the Kim Holden book and was so happy to get it. The doorknob hanger is absolutely hilarious, so of course I'm going to have to use that. I loved every part of the box, especially the presentation. The contents were all wrapped up in tissue paper, which I'll be sure to take a picture of next time, but I got a little too excited when I came home from vacation and saw my box on the table. I had to open it.

I can't wait for the next box! Fingers crossed I get The Sapphire Affair by Lauren Blakely.

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