Monday, June 13, 2016

A Wildly Seductive Night by Lauren Blakely

Rating: Five stars
Series: Seductive Nights 3.5
Date published: June 14, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Synopsis from Goodreads:
Once upon a time there was a very happy couple who had wild, hot, passionate, seductive nights every day, and every night. But that’s not all they had between them. They had love, and trust, and respect. He adored her and treated her like a queen, and he also f*&ked her like a porn star. She was so very good to him, and made his life complete. Their sexy marriage was the stuff dirty fairytales were made of. But there was one thing they didn’t have. One thing they both secretly wanted. One thing better than pearls…

Julia and Clay make up my favorite couple from any of Lauren Blakely's books, so it's not going to be a huge shocker when I say I loved A Wildly Seductive Night. Being a novella, it was not only short and sweet, but also incredibly dirty. Lauren Blakely has a way with words.

A Wildly Seductive Night takes place eight years after Julia and Clay get together. That's a lot of time and still their love is as strong as it was when we first met them. Honestly, it's even better because we get to see how they've grown together and how they both are with their six year old Carly. We've seen glimpses of them in some of Blakely's more recent books, but nothing compares to being able to read a whole novella where Julia and Clay are the main stars.

Julia and Clay are still as hot for each other as they used to be, so you can expect a lot of steamy sex scenes. I think that's reason enough to one-click A Wildly Seductive Night, but if you need some physical proof, here's a quote:

"I intend to drive you wild right now. To make you tremble and moan. To make you feel so goddamn good, it will be like the sky is breaking open when you come, and every single cell in your body will cry out in rapture."

And that's just one steamy quote from the first chapter. There are plenty more in the novella to look forward to reading.

A Wildly Seductive Night is more than just sex scenes, though. It's a novella about family and love, a glimpse into where the characters we love so much are now. I really enjoyed seeing that Julia has a reality show now, where people try to make the best cocktails. One of the contestants challenges her to make a new drink and see whose drink is better, and the process of Julia coming up with the drink added another layer to the novella.

I tried to come up with at least one single fault I can find, but honestly can't think of anything. This novella even had guest appearances from the characters in Blakely's other novels, and they're working in so flawlessly. A Wildly Seductive Night was a pleasure to read, and I'm really glad Lauren Blakely decided to revisit Julia and Clay again.

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